Friday, 22 June 2012

Diary: Summer Dates in Berlin ...

Good times in Berlin. Always great to be back in the german capital. Vibrant and exciting, there is a ton happening here right now. We sing Zemlinsky with ensemble mini at the Berlin Philharmonia. Beautiful music, fantastic setting, awesome young musicians. Kreutberg, Neuk├Âlln; hanging out in bars and cafes with friends, beautiful waitresses, watching the football.
Some brilliant musicians in Berlin. Many young instrumentalists doing plenty of work and coming up with excellent ideas. This is a place to create, to produce and to tryout. As we head for London for the week, we're inspired to keep the spirit, a spirit of sturm und drag, a bit of enfant terrible too maybe. Berlin, Berlin

As we head on, heres the next couple of dates. See you all there,

London 22th - 30th June

Edinburgh 1st - 6th July

Freisstadt 8th - 15th July

Vienna 15th - 19th July

Munich 16th - 20th July