Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy 12!

In case you have been wondering, during google account migration, screen resolution data for my photography work on the entire blog was lost.
Oh F.. me google... Resolving the issue might take a while.If you have any questions just pop me a mail.

We are confident however that 2012 will bring even more exciting news, opportunities and lots of great pictures and stories to share with you on maximilianvanlondon! The feedback over the last two years has been nothing but awesome! We have had about 50000 page views in total!

Some super projects are already on the go. In Two-twelve, Ill be headed for a couple more cities, meeting young artists from all over, sharing all those exciting stories and pictures. Ill keep you posted wherever I am and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

We believe the blog is nothing short of a modern culture profile, a portrait platform for modern artists. I like to think of it as a portrait for all of modern art. New Art, new Culture, is happening, is important and lives in all of us. People are craving for it! All over the world. Most importantly, we are all contributing, Art is our life, and Art is You! Art is Everyone, Art is Style, Art is Cool, Art is Main

 Tell you what,
 I love my life. I love my home and the dear family I can share with. I love all the friends, from all walks of life, from so many different places, who care so much. I love all the Music, Music everyone believes in, Music no one believes in, Music for Cool, Music for Love, and all the Volksong; they came closest to be my home. I love S and S, I love the Mo's and Brah's, I believe in Schubert, Dylan and Elton. I love them clubs and I miss those girls, I long for home and I can't sit still to go back on the road. Guess what, I love the rain, the snow and cold, the steepness of the hill and I dream of that view every single day. We're all running here, and it might all fall, but it's all happening and it is down to us. I love that stage, there is no curtain here, it's all for play. I love all this, I'd love to stay, I'll take all them pics and together we will come one step closer to this gift, this paradise.
"Hey! You there sir, where are you headed, wait up, Ill run along right that way sir ... "

 Art is Style!

 A happy New Year to you all ;)