Thursday, 25 August 2011

Diary: Hot Vienna Days

After staying and working in Augsburg, Munich and Salzburg, I am currently shooting in Vienna. Here is me on location with the wonderful Pianist Chanda VanderHart and the fantastic American Soprano Rebecca Babb-Nelsen.

It is wonderful to be with such great people, come together from all over the place;

together we make music, we shoot film after film, in the evenings we cook for l'auberge and all the friends come and go. These hot summer days; They are like Bohemian rhapsodies, as we exchange stories, with too much wine and song, as we share in the welcome comforts of the music we live for, looking happily on all the days work, as we party and struggle with Vodka and Bull, with the wonderful girls from next door, As we smolder in the evening sun and the heat of warm Vienna nights.