Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Robert Tear

Robert Tear was one of the finest british Tenors of our century, a kind and considerate man, and a truly great artist and musician. I remember performing as a young treble soloist together with 'Bob' and Richard Hickox in the Barbican. He was incredibly calm and patted me on the back smiling reassuringly as we went on. To me, his was an air of grace and accomplishment. A true gentleman and a most loyal stage partner.
I cherished his kind advice before going to university and I was fortunate to work with Robert at the Royal Academy of Music, a place he visited frequently to teach. He enjoyed in particular a rendition of Schubert's Im Fruehling. 'To think of Schubert not as a romantic, but a classical composer' he was keen to point out to me.
It was an honour, Maestro.
Rest in Peace.