Friday, 14 January 2011

A Miller's Maid

Marcus Farnsworth and James Cheung in rehearsal for their performance of Die Schoene Muellerin by Schubert.

This, alongside Winterreise, is likely Schubert's most famous work. A cycle of German romantic songs about the love of a young apprentice to a miller's maid. It is incredible how much these songs are still able to capture the spirit of a young human soul. Famously difficult to perform, they are a real challenge for any young singer.
Marcus and James did a terrific job at portraying the young man destined to die as he fails to accept lost love. A real feat of concentration, this is a highlight for any music fan.
For great performances of Schubert songs check out London's Wigmore Hall or New York Carnegie Hall. Or just come and see Marcus and James soon! Before they perform at Carnegie ...