Saturday, 26 June 2010

Vittorio Grigolo in London

He's all over the news, Opera Chic wrote about him, and last week he gave a stunning premiere at the Royal Opera House in Manon opposite Anna Netrebko. A seriously first class act, he has brought some real mediterranean flare to London. Here he is, posing for me right in the middle of James Street on a Saturday afternoon... as you do.
Tickets are still available for Manon. Vittorio has also just been signed by Sony (congratulations!), so expect to see an album or two towards the end of the year. These guys are real industry highlights so don't miss this voice!

Placido Domingo's busy days.

The great Maestro Placido Domingo gave his quasi debut today at the dress rehearsal of Simon Boccanegra at the ROH in London. Surely one of the best guarded men in Opera, he was rushed out of the stage entrance and off to the airport just in time for tonights prestigious Gala concert at the 'Wiener Staatsoper', a farewell fanfare with one hell of a lineup in celebration of Ioan Holender's time as Principle Director of the Opera House from 1991 to 2010. Leaving the ROH with Placido were Anna Netrebko, Simon Keenlyside and Antonio Pappano.
And this is about as Papparazzi as I get. I thought I'd capture the excitement of the moment.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

John Copley

John Copley, great British theatre and opera director. Recently interviewed as part of the BBC Opera Season. Worked with all the Greats.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

life is art

By Andi as featured on DIDDYBLOG 

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Manon, Netrebko and Schrott and a load of critics

Premiere Night at the Royal Opera House! Nearing the end of its season, the ROH premiered Manon by Massenet. This one involved all the biggies and together with the upcoming Simon Boccanegra (Placido Domingo) is an absolute highlight in Europe's Art Calendar this Summer. Aptly so thought the crowds; Conductor Antonio Pappano (yes the one from TV...) was on fire; Anna Netrebko, a true superstar of our time; and Vittorio Grigolo, this amazing young Tenor, received the Bravos of his lifetime. Manon is a racy tale, where the Sexy live fast and die young. An awesome art display and I could go on and on but I don't do reviews.
Netrebko and Co are still partying as we speak so instead I got myself a cheeky picture done with Erwin Schrott, who introduced the grande season finale at the ROH with Le Nozze di Figaro this month. (I usually do the pics) We agreed to feature him on here soon so thank you Erwin for a nice chat tonight.
I must admit ticket prices have gone through the roof with said superstars gracing hallowed london ground, but the crowds were young and this stuff is clearly essential art.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Servants of the audience

'I have the feeling then, that the audience give me back the love, I give to them.
I really am devoted to the audience, I think I am a servant of the audience and I even enjoy this. And it is probably the reason because the public understand and they give me back the love with applause, with our oxygen, even if we don't like to admit that it is like that.'
Luciano Pavarotti

Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Starcraft Voyager

I often wonder what disaster in time will befall me, will befall my generation. When will the time come for new wars, for new crimes, for natural disaster? Maybe it is the thing of our times, that we will lose our capital, instead of our livelihood. The Third World War, a war for money and economic preservation.

Spending warm summer nights over wine and song, I sit with the most delightful of company, speaking about global markets and the coming of a global Apocalypse, inevitable as ever there was a natural disaster. As the winds bring out the starry night, I look to the Stars and I cannot but think of all the girls I ever loved. For Love, I conclude, it is the only thing that is truly safe from loss. I keep it deep within me, as I have loved many a time, many a smile. But I have only loved a handful of Hearts and their warmth I will not forget. The twinkling in the breast, the youthful faith in true, true unity in love. A longing for unreachable fellowship of a company human soul.

I wish, I was a Starcraft Voyager and to travel the seas of the Stars. I would wish for all the Stars to be the company of my Heart and for just one Heart to have been mine, for just one moment, in the time of all the Stars.