Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Alle Seelen ruhn in Frieden

Recently, my dear dear Grandfather passed away, severely ill with Cancer.

Joseph Schilcher was and always will be a great inspiration to me. He introduced me to photography and was an ardent follower of the arts. He painted and wrote and dedicated most of his life to the teaching of others about language and History.
As a young boy, he was swept up to serve in the Second World War. With great cunning and incredible maturity he not only survived but stayed true to his own beliefs and values of righteousness.

On the evening of the 2. October 1943, he witnessed the final performance of the Bavarian State Opera, Eugen d'Albert's Tiefland , conducted by Meinhard von Zallinger, before the 'National Theater' was destroyed by night Bombing Raids on the 3. October.
As young students, they had gone to all the performances in their spare time. Hitler's youth for war, searching for music, poetry and song.

Following a solemn funeral in the old town of Munich, singing Bach and Schubert for all the souls, I found a small cupboard in the flat: It contained, yes the most wonderful collection of old gramophone records. Solti, Schwarzkopf, Dieskau; Wolf Moerike Lieder, Brahms, Requiems and Masses, Mozart and Beethoven Sonatas and more more more.
I will sit many a time, listening to his old records, remembering a great man; I will wish he was there, and we would talk of all the great times and of Art, of the opera, of German poets and song, of politics, old and new.

Opa wir vermissen dich sehr...

Alle Seelen ruhn in Frieden