Monday, 27 September 2010


One of the many great experiences this summer was Freistadt. One week of intensive vocal work on Schubert and Mahler songs with non other than Roger Vignoles himself. Freistadt is a sleepy medieval village in upper Austria; what a perfect setting for working on such great repertoire. The masterclass was part of a wider voice festival, which meant lots of performance opportunity and great company. Many masterclasses are on offer these days, happening all over Europe. Many singers choose to commit fully to teaching or chorus work with main companies.
But working in a place such as Freistadt and above all working with such a great artist as Roger is the best a young musician can do. There is no substitute. Without doubt it's a pretty intensive workout. Much like doing nothing else but 400m sprints for one week. But those of us who commit come out stronger.
Working with Roger was great. It is like working with a truly great conductor. He is a maestro, a conductor of words and song. It's a type of collaboration that is so fruitful and animating. It brings out the best in people.