Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Starcraft Voyager

I often wonder what disaster in time will befall me, will befall my generation. When will the time come for new wars, for new crimes, for natural disaster? Maybe it is the thing of our times, that we will lose our capital, instead of our livelihood. The Third World War, a war for money and economic preservation.

Spending warm summer nights over wine and song, I sit with the most delightful of company, speaking about global markets and the coming of a global Apocalypse, inevitable as ever there was a natural disaster. As the winds bring out the starry night, I look to the Stars and I cannot but think of all the girls I ever loved. For Love, I conclude, it is the only thing that is truly safe from loss. I keep it deep within me, as I have loved many a time, many a smile. But I have only loved a handful of Hearts and their warmth I will not forget. The twinkling in the breast, the youthful faith in true, true unity in love. A longing for unreachable fellowship of a company human soul.

I wish, I was a Starcraft Voyager and to travel the seas of the Stars. I would wish for all the Stars to be the company of my Heart and for just one Heart to have been mine, for just one moment, in the time of all the Stars.