Monday, 10 May 2010

Haidee Becker

Haidee Becker is a wonderful artist, who was recently awarded much attention through her portrait paintings of the entire cast of Jerusalem, at London's West End. Through a chance encounter Haidee ended up painting an entire cast in daily evening sessions at the theatre. For the last couple of weeks they have been exhibited at the Redfern Gallery in Soho, a former brothel, sitting peacefully amongst local soho restaurant favourites and various porn and sex shops. Out of sheer curiosity I wondered into Haidee's temporary gallery space/atelier and in no time we ended up chatting. Haidee is great company and her work is very fine. Her portraits are true likenesses, cast on bright colours of red, some broken by lines of white. Her subjects are at angles, but they appear flattened and frozen as if in waiting anticipation, their distinct canvas backgrounds adding inseparable tension. Its not been easy for Haidee and rents in Soho are extortionate but somehow everything seems at ease and comforting sitting amongst all these portraits. "I m a Gambler" says Haidee, after she has told us of her family and children. Sometimes you just have to gamble in life. How true, I am thinking. "Push yourself to the limit. Only then you realise how powerful you really are." Its a bit like in her portraits: They are all or nothing and it makes them striking. I walk away thinking, it really is all possible: Those who dare can achieve everything because only they are truly knowing.