Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Rolleis and Smart Audiences

I hope all of you have enjoyed a pleasant Easter break. Term has only once again commenced here at the Royal Academy of Music. However lots is going on in London and elsewhere this summer regarding everything arts and opera related. The students are all preparing for end of year exams and concert recitals. There is a real buzz about the Royal Academy.

Ive been asked many questions regarding my camera setup lately so I came up with this little still-life the other day. It features three different generations of cameras, belonging to my grandfather and my father who led me to my photography in the first place. Extraordinary really how technology has changed. Coincidentally all the equipment still works. I am not sure what people will say however if I rock up at the Opera House with my 1953 Rolleicord.

Speaking of which, I have been very impressed both in Munich and London, at the way people dress and really make an effort in looking good for a night out at the opera. So much so that you will likely see me snap away at you beautiful people during the intervals in future. Afterall it is you, the audience, which turns our art into a movement. Spot me with my camera ...