Thursday, 3 December 2009

selfportraits with balls ...

As the first ever living artist Anish Kapoor has taken over the Royal Academy of Arts with his exhibition of works in the Main Gallery. The Gallery is dominated by sculptures from various stages of Kapoors career, including his pigment works (1970s) or 'Yellow' (1999), but the most effective of course have proven to be his installations 'Shooting into the Corner' (2008-09) and 'Svayambh' (2007), hailed by the Times as like a giant Penis penetrating the Royal Academy. As with much modern art I struggled to please my insatiable thirst for beauty, as here too I could only find bland statements of materialism. It is interesting to note Kapoor's claim with which he introduces his work:
'I have often said that I have nothing to say as an artist. Having something to say implies that one is struggling with meaning. The role of the artist is in fact that we don't know what to say, and it is that not knowing that leads to the work.'
If so, he has rid art of all intellect, of all knowledge. A common trait, I find; Art simplified. But I think such art will not survive time, because time demands knowledge and wisdom.

Picture: Tall Tree and the Eye (2009) Anish Kapoor
Annenberg Courtyard, Royal Academy of Arts
Anish Kapoor runs until the 11th December.