Saturday, 14 November 2009

Georg Solti

The Royal Academy hosted its most recent Barbirolli Lecture yesterday. Dr Raymond Holden introduced and led an exciting tribute to the life of the great Maestro Georg Solti. Amongst his distinguished guests were Lady Valerie Solti, Yvonne Minton and Ryland Davies.
Solti was truly a great artist of the 20th century. His skill and talent are nothing less but awe inspiring. I sat there listening to the stories of Solti with great admiration. Solti's career began at the Munich Opera with the Bayerische Staatsorchester, the famous Bavarian State Orchestra, where he was amongst the last to conduct alongside Richard Strauss before his death in September 1949. The M√ľnchner Staatsoper has always been closest to my heart and I feel driven to follow in the footsteps of those men, like Solti, who went out and conquered the world.

Lady Solti is the founder of the Solti Foundation, dedicated to supporting young artists at the start of their career.

The Solti Te Kanawa Accademia Di Bel Canto is a distinguished 3 week summer course created in the memory of Georg Solti, training the best new generation opera singers.

Sir Georg Solti said: "My life is the clearest proof that if you have talent, determination and luck you will make it in the end: never give up!"
It is a guiding testimony for all of us.

Lady Valerie Solti

Yvonne Minton