Friday, 23 October 2009

For the Young

I was fortunate to speak to Roberto Alagna once again, following the Derniere of the ROH 2009 production of Carmen yesterday evening. To my utter surprise the Maestro remarked on my Blog and the pictures I have published of him below, and that he liked them. In utter gratitude I looked on as he wondered into the night with his friends, without doubt celebrating yet another great artistic accomplishment.
As a young singer I look up in awe at these men and women of the great stages of the world. And I am grateful for having had the privilege of sharing in their music making, and all the time they have to spare, especially for young students and artists, longing to follow in their footsteps.
Thank you Maestro and I look forward to seeing you in February at the latest!

Roberto Alagna, Elina Garanca and myself with my Canon 7d mirrored in the window of the ROH Stage Door. Thank you!